Friday, 29 April 2016

Python code to search and create bug in JIRA using rest api

Here is the Python code to search/open issues in JIRA:
  1. Search for open issues
  2. Create new issue

from jira import JIRA

class JIRARestAPI:
    url = 'https://<company-name>'    
    username = '<username>'    
    password = '<password>'    
    jira = JIRA(url, basic_auth=(username, password))

    def search_issues(self, search_string):
        return JIRARestAPI.jira.search_issues(search_string)

    def print_bugs(self, bugs):
        for bug in bugs:

    def print_bug(self, bug):
        print ("%s, %s, \"%s\"" % (bug.key,, bug.fields.summary))

    def create_cyg_bug(self, summary, description, label):
        issue_dict = {
            'project': {'id': 10000},
            'summary': summary,
            'description': description,
            'issuetype': {'name': 'Bug'},
            'labels': [label]
        return JIRARestAPI.jira.create_issue(fields=issue_dict)

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